The creation of Hart Botanicals is simple - create products that are naturally and ethically sourced, mainly derived from everyday fruits and flowers designed to heal your skin. Hart Botanicals was formulated for all skin types and our products contain no synthetic fragrance, no animal derived ingredients, are gluten free, and cruelty free. Our products are gentle, yet effective and proven to deliver great results.

We believe that beauty and health should be inside and out through practices of self-care, self-healing, and self-love. We also apply holistic principles to the way we treat everyone around us. The application of these principles begins with the kindness of the first Sutra: “Recognize that the other person is you.” 


rochelle hart owner of hart botanicals

Rochelle Hart is a 50 year old wife, mother, Aesthetician, Electrologist, Kundalini yoga teacher, and a chicken loving entrepreneur. In addition to building a business and raising two daughters as a single mother, she spent many years studying and working on herself through the practices of meditation and kundalini yoga practice. She spent one year of practicing daily heart opening meditation which led ironically to her marrying a man with the name Hart. With that came a package of 5 Hart girls. And yes that is a total of seven daughters!

Good skincare habits were instilled by her mother at an early age. Her mother not only taught her to simply wash her face but to use minimal products with naturally derived ingredients. This has led to a lifetime of a passion for skincare. Rochelle became an Aesthetician in 2002 after her mother’s passing. It has always been Rochelle’s dream to have her own line. 

Rochelle founded her own skincare studio called Wax Nashville in 2008 located in Nashville, TN at the beginning of the recession and despite the challenges, her business continued to thrive with tremendous growth.

After many years of testing and heavily using a variety of beauty skincare products, she decided in 2015 to develop and launch her own skincare line that encompasses all that she believes in. She not only uses Hart Botanicals on her clients, but uses them exclusively herself.