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Advanced Protection SPF 30


Designed to lightly hydrate your delicate skin while providing protection from the sun. Japanese green tea extract is a powerful anti-oxidant known for its anti-irritant properties preventing redness, rough skin, and peeling caused by sun-drenched skin. Vitamins A & E aid in normalizing dry parched skin and additional free-radical protection. Developed for the face and body to filter out the sun’s rays to prevent sun damage.

Apply to sun exposed areas- reapply as needed (every 2 hrs if in sun) to maintain SPF 30 level protection. Especially after outdoor activities. Recommended for clients using Retin-A derived products, hydroxy acids, chemical peels and laser treatments.

  • For all skin types
  • Zinc oxide 7%, octinoxate 7.5%, and octisalate 5%; Japanese Green Tea, Licorice Extract, Gingko Biloba

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